Appointment minimum is 100$ for a Glam Squad groom. Breed, Coat condition, and temperament determine final price.

Most Grooms for dogs with good coat/skin condition, short/single coated breeds stay at $100 for A Glam Groom, regardless of size. Breeds with double or triple coats require an increase in price due to the time and resources it takes to get long haired/double/triple coated breeds fully groomed. Appointment times vary from 1 to 3 hours, depending on client needs.






All Haircuts are included in the Glam Squad Groom. Cuts are based on owner preference, specializing in free style cuts, to give each pet a custom look.




Medicated Baths

Medicated baths are welcomed at K9 Glam Squad (prescribed shampoo /conditioner provided by owner).  With years of experience and countless medicated grooms I have fine-tuned the medicated baths to maximize the results of the topical therapy. 


Geriatric/special needs groomING

Do you have a senior dog that has difficulty standing or a special needs pet? K9 Glam Squad offers a service for you. Please include your pet's special needs information in the Appointment Form.




Post-Surgical Grooms

We are proud to partner with some of the most prominent veterinary hospitals in Los Angeles to offer truly unique groom experience. After ten years of working in a veterinary hospital I have created a special groom service for those pets that are wearing a cast/splint/bandage.    



De-Skunking Service

Did your furry friend have a run in with a skunk and  loose? Well you are in luck because we offer a service to remove as much of the Smell as possible in a single groom. This is done with several products and usually takes triple the standard grooming time, around 3-4 hours. Depending on how close your pet gets sprayed, sometimes there is a residual odor that takes a couple grooms to get out. Water hose access is required for this service by home owner.



Late Night & “On the Lot” Groom Service: CONTACT FOR PRICE

Don’t work normal hours? Or Work on set and don’t have time to leave. Well look no further then K9 Glam Squad Mobile Grooming. We are here to accommodate your unique schedule. Additional fees may apply. Call or email ahead for late night/ “On the Lot” grooming appointment availability.



Aggressive Dog Service: CONTACT FOR PRICE

K9 glam squad is unique in offering a specialty service for owners with aggressive dogs that have been banned from traditional grooming parlors. Prices are based on temperament, size, coat condition, length, & level of difficulty. Please call or email for a price quote.

NOTE: Owners that wish to request an aggressive dog groom must first take their pet to a veterinarian to ensure the pet is healthy enough to be groomed. Secondly, before your grooming appointment, you will need to purchase a wire basket muzzle that’s wide enough to allow your dog to pant. The type of muzzle required entails being made with a wire basket, not plastic or leather. It must allow your pet to fully open his or her mouth while being groomed. Muzzles that keep the mouth shut are not acceptable, as they hinder the dog’s natural ability to regulate their body temperature through panting, thus potentially exposing a dog to overheat, which is below our standard of care.




Dog’s and puppies must be vaccinated, puppies should be at least on second round of core vaccines.If your pet is positive for parasites including Giardia or Coccidea special appointments can be booked in advanced additional fees apply. Unfortunately we do not accept appointments for pets with Sarcoptic mange, Ringworm or any kind of upper respiratory infection.