about ME

We believe all dogs should feel just as glamorous as their human counterparts!


My name is Blake Bedirian. I have been working in the animal field for 15 years. I have a true passion for all animals. My career with animals began in Veterinary medicine, I have logged a cumulative twenty thousand hours working as a veterinary technician and as a doctors assistant. Over the years I have developed great insight into the animal medical world. I am very in tune with pet health, and will always alert you when something abnormal is noticed. Between the veterinary medical fields, I worked in dog daycare for two years, which gave me a unique insight into canine psychology, behavior and body language. During this time I noticed I had a knack for winning over aggressive dogs.

I have also come to specialize in dog grooming for treasured pets that just underwent surgery and can't have a normal groom due to a cast, splint or incision.I specialize in bathing dogs and giving them a truly lavish experience. We use the highest quality Shampoos, conditioners and crème rinses. These products are natural,  products do not contain soap or detergent but still give you amazing results without damaging skin or fur. 


Mission Statement

K9 Glam Squad was created to help bring the convenience of the luxury spa grooming experience in a state of the art mobile grooming unit right outside your front door. Each pet is given a truly unique experience from beginning to end. I have a deep passion for grooming dogs. It truly makes me happy and brings joy to my day. They say if your happy with what you do, you will never work a day in your life. I have been grooming and working in veterinary medicine for 15 years. This is my passion and my promise is to provide the highest quality dog grooming experience that you and your dog will ever experience.